Panchasse Trek

I recently guided for Geoff on the Panchasse trek. We had a taxi from Pokhara to Naudader then walked up to Panchasse village staying at The Happy Heart Hotel. First thing next morning we ascended Panchasse Hill, we were a bit late for the sunrise! After breakfast, we descended down to Pame and the bus back to Pokhara. Normally I would have stayed an additional night in Panchasse.

Click map for full details Panchasse Trek from Pokhara

The header is the view of Annapurna from Panchasse

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3 Responses to Panchasse Trek

  1. Geoff says:

    Many thanks for great couple of days!!

  2. sally says:

    Glad you took such great care of Geoff for me 🙂 and I know he has enjoyed his walk with you .
    Hope you get lots of people using you as a guide now you have this great web site 🙂

    Beat wishes sally ( Geoff’s Girlfriend )

  3. Jenny Crewe says:

    Hope your new website encourages people to use you as their guide. Good to see you are discouraging visitors from using plastic bottles.
    Geoff is my brother and this is the kind of adventures he has always wanted but can’t believe how easy it is to keep in touch. Spoke to him on Skype last week.
    Glad he decided to have a guide for this trek.

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